Give hope to God’s people in critical need of His grace and mercy. Support more than 40 worthwhile charities and life-giving ministries. Donate today to the Archbishop’s Call to Share appeal.

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This special, annual charitable opportunity is a call to unity with Christ. Just as important, it provides a way to support those of us in need of prayer and healing, physical and spiritual comfort. These are individuals who are in your neighborhood alongside those you may never meet. 

Through your spiritual, philanthropic investment in the Archbishop’s Call to Share appeal, you are:

  • strengthening Catholic education, young adult faith formation, and campus ministry
  • reaching thousands of people through outreach programs focusing on human dignity
  • offering care, counseling, and compassion to the vulnerable
  • supporting the formation of our seminarians, priests, and deacons
  • funding emergency requests from our parishes and schools
  • working with parishes to enliven faith formation for all ages

A donation today, of an amount meaningful to you, makes you a leader in the great tradition we as Catholics share: setting aside the first fruits of the harvest to be offered at the altar of our Lord. Thank you for your support of this most important, most impactful opportunity for our archdiocesan community and its beloved flock.