Nourishment comes though the gift of the Eucharist and, in gratitude, we share our gifts generously with others. Your Archbishop’s Call to Share appeal gift will change countless lives by bringing Jesus to others through the education and outreach of more than 40 offices, agencies, and ministries throughout Northeast Kansas.  

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Your gift to the Archbishop’s Call to Share provides these Catholic-affiliated programs and ministries the means to continue their vital missions here in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, including:
• teaching engaged and married couples how to deepen and reinforce their love for each other in the Lord
• sparking the light of faith in our parishes and schools enabling students to grow in their relationship with the Lord
• providing health care, rehabilitation, and skilled memory care for the body, mind, and spirit
• welcoming, forming, and supporting future priests and deacons who will nurture us through the Eucharist and serve the spiritual needs of His people

A prayerful, sacrificial donation today, makes you a leader in our archdiocese and shows others they are supported by a loving community. Your generosity will keep the Lord present in our hearts as we share in the miracle of the Cup of Salvation. Thank you for your support of this most important, most impactful opportunity for our archdiocesan community.

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